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Sunday, July 02, 2006

And speaking of Episcopalians...

Izzy accepted a new position, teaching Latin at an Episcopal day school just across the river from us. Until we acquire a pontoon boat that (1) can be transported by and (2) can itself transport the motorcycle, the 3 mile direct route will take him about 8 1/2 miles each way.

We moved everything from his current classroom to his new space yesterday--multiple trips of loading up boxes into the Saturn, heading to the new school for unpacking, then repeat. It almost felt like we were sneaking away on a Saturday with no one around, taking down posters, emptying shelves, re-claiming our microwave, even.

Izzy's new classroom (one of those portable learning cottages) has windows! He won't have to lock the doors each time the bell rings. He can open windows or doors for ventilation. He'll wear thermal lined pants because he wants to, not because his classroom's temperature (regulated at the District Office about 10 miles away!) is 60 degrees.

There's always a trade-off--so far the main one for him will be teaching just north (so occasionally downwind) of what the students call "the poop factory."

He's going from probably the best public school in our area to the top private school (err, "Independent School.") Yet another adventure. Give him a congrats when you get a chance.

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