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Monday, May 05, 2008

There is a limit

Having tried scads of substitute foods in my life (meat substitutes, sugar substitutes, plus ingredients added or subtracted to make something more healthy), I can now say with firm conviction that you cannot make a sugar-free marshmallow fluff. Or, at least not a palatable one.

Also, applesauce substituted for vegetable oil in baked goods (muffins, cupcakes, etc.) is lousy.

Seriously, the sugar-free cookies are enough of a stretch. I won't be trying this particular artificial topping again on ice cream (low carb, sugar-free, of course) or pudding.


In other news of things having reached limits, I hear from the other room that another Gamecock student athlete has been arrested (this one plays round ball.) Have they run out of players yet?


Heather said...

I think I may have a solution. I was making ganache this weekend and I messed up one of the batches by using the wrong kind of chocolate. I added sugar and cream - in no way improving consistency, just adjusting for taste. I think Splenda could do the same thing and make pretty excellent truffles. Not sure what your position on Splenda is, but if you're okay with that substitute, I'll post the recipe.

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Sure, go ahead and post it. It's worth a try, even tho Izzy won't touch it (he really dislikes the artificial sweetners.)

I've had to start using Splenda, along with a few other chemicals I'd used before, to manage blood sugars. My Mint Julep last weekend started with about an inch of Splenda at the bottom of the glass. Not quite the same as the sugared one, but after a few sips, who could tell?