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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Shower with a friend?

Just got the water bill today. $61.94 for 2 months. For comparison, here are the last three bills:

03/14/08 -- $46.23
01/15/08 -- $39.67
11/08/07 -- $27.82

No, we haven't added a sprinkler system, and nothing appears to be leaking. I went to the city's website and couldn't make heads or tails of the rate info there and what appeared on the bill.

Looks like we'll need to take this advice more often. Oversharing?


Mattheus Mei said...

I remember growing up my mom had a stitching of two bunnies showering under a large flower and it saying: "save water, shower with a friend"

Gashwin said...

As long as modesty rules, sure, shower with whoever! :)

Mattheus Mei said...

and by modesty he means showering in a frock :-p