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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The bikes have arrived

Just 15 minutes after the skies cleared (the heavens had opened up and we got high winds and hard rain and lightning for over an hour here in Myrtle Beach), I heard the first drunnn, drunnn of a revving sport bike engine. (1)

In between white bike week and black bike week (2), there are a couple of days with just a few bikes at the beach -- Monday and Tuesday, the 8th and 9th days after Mother's Day. That quiet period appears to have ended. For the next three days (3), there will be revving engines under all of the buildings, crowds and cones on Ocean Boulevard, and no good reason to leave the hotel and lose a previous parking space. Harder to find than a parking space will be a helmeted head, or covered skin (Mrs. Public Health speaking, now.)

I'll leave for the mountains on Friday afternoon, dodging the onslaught of incoming sports bikes, often with inexperienced riders, and worrying all the way to Conway. Sorry if this sounds negative -- but I think even Izzy, who doesn't want to own a car, is not a fan of the giant motorcycle rallies. He prefers long, fast, twisty, unimpeded riding. The bikes on the Blue Ridge parkway never make me nervous -- they seem to be all about the ride, not the exhibition.

If I can get inconspicuous pics of the testosterone fest, I'll post some. It certainly makes for fun people watching in the evening.

(1) I'm glad they found some place to seek shelter during the monsoon.
(2) I love SC.
(3) Or 6 days, were I to stay here for the holiday weekend, but I think I'd miss Izzy too much.


Anonymous said...

Yeah sports bikes, showing off, and lack of experience... me thinks that they may be related. I bet we lose more than 3 this weekend/ week.

St. Izzy said...

There's a reason I avoid rallies and other large two-wheeled gatherings.

And you'd better NOT stay the weekend.

on an '03 with a mere 102K on the odo