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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kennedy & Deja Vu

Last weekend, when we heard the relieved news that Ted Kennedy had not suffered a stroke but instead had experienced a seizure, I was reminded of my Dad's words when we arrived at his SC hospital room after having been told that he had had a stroke: "Good news! It's not a stroke, it's just a brain tumor."

Dad's wry sense of humor helped carry us through the next eight months (eerily, exactly the length of prognosis we were given at the outset), as we dealt with his glioblastoma.

Once I heard that Kennedy had not had a stroke, but rather a seizure, I immediately assumed a brain tumor. If it's what my Dad had, his family is in for a very tough time.

I'm typing from dial-up, and the ABC news story finally loaded. Malignant glioma -- that really explains why so much time was taken to release the story over the weekend -- they've been adjusting to the diagnosis and getting 2nd opinions. It's pretty bad news, and chances of five-year survival are pretty much non-existent.

How very sad.

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