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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Izzy & Lizzie back in Virginia

We went back to western Virgina last weekend for our annual Memorial Day cabin weekend.  As has been the case for the past 4 years, we've arrived after spending a week apart. 
I was at the beach for a Public Health conference--I'm the new Nursing Czarina, or something like that.  Izzy gave final exams, lined up students for graduation, and worked on his last Master's level class for alternative certification. 
On the drive up, I managed to not get stuck in a 2-hour traffic jam in Nowhere, NC (last year, the traffic to get around an accident/fire was eventually re-routed through a pasture.)  Sadly, this year it was Izzy's turn.  Just a smidgen north of Charlotte on I-77, there was a tie-up that left traffic at. a. complete. standstill.
At one point, seeing a storm approaching, he put down the kickstand, donned his rainsuit, and stood out in the rain.  When the storm ended and as the temp and humidity both approached 90, he again put down the kickstand, doffed and stowed his rainsuit, and stood in the sun.  All in the fast lane.   2 1/2 hours to travel 26 miles.
Once we both arrived, we learned to our great delight that we had actually booked four nights, not three.  This is our sixth year at Rocky Knob, and so much of the long weekend was marked by the relaxation that accompanies the familiar.   
(Not our cabin, we were next door.)
There was no hurry to do or see anything, and we both read a lot, mostly in rocking chairs.  We rode down on stretch of highway for miles and miles, just following antique cars.  We worshiped with a small Catholic congregation that meets at a Lutheran church.  After Mass, we chanced on a restaurant with live music and no smoking--what we couldn't have imagined was that this would be the best meal we'd eaten in years
Back on Tuesday, avoiding Charlotte post-race day traffic.  We've already confirmed our reservations for next year--this weekend is such an amazingly restorative time for us.

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