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Monday, June 26, 2006

Elephants in the Room, Part 1

Went to a pre-July 4 soiree last Saturday--thanks Dogwood & Mrs. D. We're enjoying the leftovers!

Great conversation wound its way to the Anglican Communion. I asked the token Protestant (Episcopalian) about the recent uproar in the Communion. He talked about the Lambeth Commission & the Windsor Report, the recent elevation of Bishop Jefferts Schori, and his local church's experiences in trying to foster dialogue around issues of human sexuality.

He used the phrase "the elephant in the room," which seemed to apply to a number of issues in their attempts to talk frankly about sexuality; not the least of these was undisclosed sexual orientations, whether of some of those involved locally or in the denominational hierarchy. (Undisclosed sexual orientation, except in discussions of members of the Village People, always means GLB or T.)

Talking about what it means to live celibately with SSA is difficult enough--it's even harder when people don't feel that they can describe this as being their own circumstance. But, knowing the Church and knowing the South, I cannot imagine a scenario where this could have happened.

We'll be watching the already strained communion. Elephants and all.

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