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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Different Approaches to Pollsters

Last Saturday afternoon, the phone rang and I saw it was a New York area code. Feeling charitable, I answered and found myself talking to a volunteer for the Giuliani campaign who had asked for me by name.

Could he ask me a few questions?

Who are you most in favor of at this point among the Republican candidates for president?
--Mike Huckabee.
(Izzy's head swivels -- so, you like that guy, hmmm? )

Who are you least likely to vote for among Republican candidates for President?
--Giuliani. I'm strongly against his positions on abortion.
There was another question where I said that "social issues" were most likely to sway my votes, vs. "security" (a term that I think is designed to make voters more likely to think of Rudy & 9-11.)

So, less than five minutes later, the phone rings. It's the same area code. Izzy answers, since he knows they'll be asking for him.
Could he ask Izzy a few questions?
--Wait, whose campaign are you with?

Rudy Giuliani.
--Not a chance in hell!

So, that's two no votes for Rudy. I don't think Izzy's answer will be reflected on any USA Today pie charts.

In case you're curious, neiher of us is a registered Republican.

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