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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Black Friday Round-up

So, on the day after Thanksgiving, Izzy and I went to the Mall and bought a tie.

This mall:


This tie. We're not so crazy as to go to a shopping mall on Black Friday (!)

We're having a great visit with Gashwin. This post is a brief one whilst more pics upload to Flickr.

Gotta say, somebody's wedding music sounded pretty good in rehearsal.....

I was doing a final check of email, when I saw this headline/link on Drudge:
Pope to purge Vatican of modern music...

Look for another busy week for St. Blog's Parish.

More sometime soon, I hope, on Richard Robert's resignation as President of Oral Roberts University. Immediate impression -- it means little and will not help the school recover from his years of mis-management and fraudulent "theology" unless he also steps down as head of the OR Evangelistic Association and surrenders his position on the ORU Board of Regents.

But that's more than I can write about at this hour. Off to Charm City tomorrow to see the renovated Cathedral.

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Gashwin said...

Interesting that you link that story about sacred music. Corey clarified what he meant by his comment on my Thanksgiving post about the revenge of St. Gregory. Check my comments out there.