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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday of the 2nd Week in Advent

A bit of an emotional day.  

This morning I awoke, curled up on Izzy's pillow, nestled in the covers that still carried his scent, and took advantage of an extra hour of sleep.  I loved that extra time and the warmth he'd left for me.
I didn't have to leave the house until a little after 10 -- in order to snag seats for ourselves and our godson and his mother.  Today was the Mass of Christian Burial for the husband half of the couple who stood up as our confirmation sponsors when we were received into the Holy Catholic Church, 10 years ago now.  
R&D were married 51 years. They had a blow-out celebration for their 50th -- we were blessed to be there for the Mass and reception.  R was "large and in charge" that day, and so very doting on and smitten with his beloved.  I wish we'd posed for pictures that day -- there were so many others taken.  I thought I'd taken pics, but I have not been able to find them this week.  We could have also made the opportunity for a picture of us with our "godparents" (technically sponsors, but neither Izzy nor I got godparents as children, so R&D would have to do), and our godchildren.  
Convoluted sentence construction, but I want to remember to say what needs to be said when I think of it.  Take the pics when I get the idea.  
We sat at the church with 2 godchildren (one of whom will be baptized on the 4th Sunday in Advent) and one parent of each of them, plus MK's big brother JG (aka "His Cuteness").  I got some good baby time in the cry room -- big smiles, too.  JG copied the priest's motions during the consecration and pretended to ring the bells.  Awesome!
At the graveside service, with military honors,I teared up as I expected for Taps and the gun salute. 
A bit of an shocker at work when several of us found out we will have to move offices.  I'll be losing my space to someone ranked higher than me, who is losing her space to someone with better political connections.  And so it goes. The new space is half of what I've had before.  Since my current office is a total wreck with far too much in it, I've actually been working in the smaller office already.  This move will allow me to do the purge I've been meaning to do.  Blessing in disguise?
So, that gets me to going home.  Izzy is busy in the kitchen, getting a dinner of spiced green beans, and ravioli with his homemade onion and tomato marina.  He tells me I have a message from the breast imaging center.  It's a voicemail merely asking me to call them.  It's been a week since the mammogram.  Those messages are never to ask the patient to call in to receive good news.  
So, now we're in the time of uncertainty and what-ifs.  Can't get any answers for another 10-12 hours. Don't expect answers then.
R had been admitted to hospice Friday with a new diagnosis of a blood cancer. He'd been working hard to recover from the stroke.  Another friend's step mother (MK's grandmother) died overnight from a very recently diagnosed lymphoma.  Earlier in the year, we lost a friend (and another of MK's grandmothers) from a year and a half battle with pancreatic cancer.  
Now, I read in today's Advent Prayer guide about preparing the way for The Lord and we heard today in the funeral homily about being a light to guide others to Christ, rather than pointing to ourselves.  
That may come.  Right now, we're holding each other up and Izzy is feeling lots of emotions that I'm too full of logistical questions to feel fully. 
Evening ends with Treme, and my favorite port.  

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Waldie said...

So much going on. Always. We'll be keeping you guys in our prayers. Please keep us in the loop. Look forward to seeing you in February.