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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Surprised while surfing

Following a tweet from Mattheus, I Googled Jack Chick to read his newest tract:

It was easy enough to find the tract, which tries to synthesize several tomes' worth of anti-Catholic polemic into a few badly drawn pictures and reductio(s) ad absurdum.

The 2nd or 3rd Google link, as is often the case, was a Wikipedia article about Jack Chick. At the top right was a sketch of Chick, done by Jimmy Akin. I meant to click the picture to see when/how it was done, since Chick has been reticent to release pictures of himself. As Providence would have it, I clicked on the Jimmy Akin link, and wound up on his Wikipedia page.

Hmm, since I'm here, guess I'll read a bit. Following anther link, I found myself at this article from This Rock posted on the Catholic Answers site (reprinted from Surprised by Truth.) This is Jimmy's story of his conversation to Catholicism.

After consideration of the Church's claims for some time, a search begun like the searches of so many others in an attempt to refute their veracity, Akin found himself prepared to enter the church in which his wife was raised and to which she had reverted from New Ageism.

Akin writes beautifully, in his early 30's voice, of his version of the deathbed conversion -- his reception into the church at the bedside of his wife, Renee. They received the Eucharist together, for the first and last time, the day before her death from cancer.

Shortly afterward, Renee received her first morphine shot. Then our priest arrived. In private, he gave me the sacrament of confession. Then, in Renee's hospital room, using the emergency, shortened form of the rites, he brought me into the Church. He gave me conditional baptism and then confirmed me. After giving Renee the anointing of the sick, he gave us the Eucharist, which he had brought from the tabernacle in our parish.

My wife and I communicated together for the first and last time, sharing pieces from the same host. Although Renee was able to receive communion the next day, I was not present for that. This was the only time the two of us would share the Lord Jesus in this way.

Because of the morphine injection Renee had received immediately before Fr. Wood arrived, she was very sleepy during my reception into the Church. But she knew what was going on and tried to participate as best she could, such as when she managed to eat a small fragment of the host when we received communion. When my reception into the Catholic Church was completed, I hugged her and told her I was inside the Church. There was a beautiful, peaceful smile on her face--a smile which lasted a long time.
From something inflammatory to something inspirational. Good ending.

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Warren said...

I suppose it passes for Jack Chick's version of being classy, to wait a few years after JP2 dies, before releasing his patented Jack Chick brand of venom on the world.

I wonder if Jack Chick ever wonders if it will be him, standing in a scene looking like Robert Crumb drew it, sweating buckets while God consigns him posthaste to hell.