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Monday, September 08, 2008

School Registration Form

I just realized that I've not posted anything* since August 23. Wow. School really has taken over my life.

Found this on the NY Times OpArt website today: it's a registration form for an imaginary, but oh-too-close-to-life private school.

Credits: Bruce Handy, Stephanie Chen.

Amongst the brilliance:

Greetings Parents.
We're sure you're every bit as excited about the new school year as we are. (Sigh.)
Please take the time to fill out the following registration form.
Send it in on the first day of school with your fully innoculated, adequately medicated, lice-free son/daughter.
4 / For this year's auction I plan to donate:
(a) Two tickets to Super Bowl XLIII
(b) Dinner for eight prepared in the winner's own kitchen by Mario
(c) Something sad and inadequate that will be discussed in bemused tones by the more attractive mothers at pickup.
Click the pic to view larger.
* That should read "anything here." I've certainly posted plenty on Blackboard for classes. There's also microblogging, available via LJ.

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