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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Did I hear that right?

Lately, my non-school/non-work time has been mostly confined to church time and drive time. From time to time, I hear interesting things on the radio that I mean to remember to blog -- time and opportunities get away from me, though.

1. We've just finished Bible Study (yay! time to spend with friends and the Lord -- I'm so glad Izzy has pushed to get this started!) and I cracked open a text book and the Internet to work on a class assignment. In the book for my nursing leadership class, I read these objectives for one of the chapters:

  • Describe the six steps in the communication process
  • Describe at least two ways to deal with hostile-aggressive people
  • Diagram complementary transactions
  • Plan at least two strategies for dealing with a sniper.
Did I read that right? Not sure if this is what I thought I was signing up to learn.

2. At the beginning of the Glenn Beck radio show, in the intro music, I swear the voice-over basso-profundo is saying "immense imperial goat." I finally got around to googling it, and was quite surprised that as I typed immense imp... the Google toolbar filled in the rest of the phrase. Turns out it's Orson Wells saying "immense ethereal gulf." Not nearly as fun -- the goat makes a much better blog or band name.

3. Speaking of bands (and this may cross a line somewhere). Almost two weeks ago, there was a tragic plane crash in our area that killed four people and injured two others. The injured persons were two artists who had just performed a free concert in our area: DJ AM and Travis Barker.
On the radio reports for the first 2 days after the crash, as everyone used the same news copy, we heard the following::
The crash killed four people and injured two musicians.
Musicians, not people.

Time to go read. Back on the blog next month.


kerrcarto said...

I am trying to call Glenn right now to ask him what an immense imperial goat is.

Anonymous said...

Aw, darn. I found it by looking up "immense etherial gulf," and it shows up on a Stu-and-Dan site, attributed to Orson Wells from War of the Worlds.
It was more fun thinking that the words were actually "immense imperial goat." Oh well. Sorta like the Michael Jackson song with the lyrics everybody heard as "the chair is on my side."
Thanks for the clarification.

Anonymous said...

Very funny. I finally got around to googling "glenn beck 'immense imperial goat'". Thats for clearing that up for me :)

Anonymous said...

Funny! Just had to leave a comment on your Imperial goat. I was just talking with a friend about the Glenn Beck radio intro and the "immense imperial goat" thing so we looked it up too! THanks for the clarification :) Turned out that someone used Immense Imperial Goat as their name on Twitter too. Glad I wasn't alone in my ignorance of all things Orson Wells!!