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Monday, November 21, 2005

YACS! Potluck Dinner Tonight--Pepto Pink

Sent to the Young Adults List serve in advance of our Pre-Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner tonight. (photo is from NPR)


I've just pulled the famous Stanberg recipe cranberry sauce out of the freezer in my office to start it thawing before dinner time.

MMMMMM, good!

PS: Although it might defeat the spirit of a potluck to announce what I'm bringing, I don't think that this would affect anyone else's choices.

  1. If you've made the same thing, we'll have even more!
  2. If you hadn't planned to bring this particular dish, you either:
  • Considered it but thought better of it--the recipe is scary!
  • Considered it, forgot, and now cannot--no time to freeze the ingredients, so you're SOOO glad some will be brought!
  • Never even heard of this recipe.
In any event, it's ghastly pink, and amazingly zingy.

Nearly forgot: Must link to the stuffed lamb (monkey??) demonstration of the recipe.

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